Here Comes The Boom


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Most of you have been there. Minding your businesses. Going along with your normal day. And then your house starts to shake.

Samantha Thiara, Twin Falls resident. "It's annoying and I actually do feel like the windows are going to break so I kind of get mad. And it upsets my dogs a lot.

Samuel Nevarez, Twin Falls resident. "I hear them, I feel them, my dogs feel them and their ears pop up"

The big question is what is causing these rumbling noises? One theory is that they are simply earthquakes. But residents that have experienced both disagree.

Byron Schmidt, Mountain Home Air Force Base chief of air space management says, "There was no movement of the ground it was just noise. it was indescribable it was not like anything I've ever heard before and I've been in earthquakes in southern California."

We contacted CSI Geology Professor Shawn Willsey and he says there is a 99% certainty they are not earthquakes.

"The seismograph network in the intermountain west is very dense and compacted so there are seismograph stations virtually every 60 to 100 miles. They are laid out in a grid and there are plenty of seismographs out there that would pick up any earthquakes, even the ones that are below what a human could detect."

Another theory is that they are caused by the bombing and sonic booming from the aircraft that take place at Mountain Home Air Force base do during practice exercises.

Schmidt says, "We're probably not the culprits that are causing this. The sonic boom is a very quick impulse noise that happens on a millisecond timeframe. The rumblings I heard were longer in duration and really would be hard to attach an aviation perspective to that."

And in terms of the bombing range Pilot Randy Webb says they do not use live explosives during training exercises.

"No explosives, only steel and concrete to replicate other weapons. All the live drops happen in Utah or Las Vegas."

So the mystery continues, and for Twin Falls residents there are still more questions than answers.

When it comes to these rumbling instances Southern Idaho is not alone. This same phenomena has been reported in Florida, Wisconsin, New York and North Carolina. And so far there are no definitive answers in those states as well.

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