Parents Outraged Over Crosswalk In Paul


By Andrew Reed

Paul, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Parents are outraged over a crosswalk in Paul; students are crossing a highway with high traffic and speeders.

"I almost saw a little girl killed and I go to bed at night and I think about it and it's on my mind. Every time I drive through that area I see it happening over again” said Vicki Fisher, Parent.

Parents said, a crosswalk in front of West Minico Middle School in Paul has been a dangerous situation for students.

Two children were nearly struck by an 18-wheeler while walking home from school.

"That's my baby out there trying to cross the road, trying to cross the road that is 45-m.p.h., it's like sending an adult out across an interstate people don't pay attention it's not the first time. It was close enough that it brushed her backpack” said Melanee Eggleston, child nearly hit.

Minidoka County Commissioners and Idaho Transportation are working together on a plan to improve the school crossing.

"The crosswalk hasn't changed within many years it's the same crosswalk and hasn’t seen many incidents. It is very alarming at what happened, I.T.D. is taking a look at it's actively right now. Our traffic engineer is looking for a potential speed limit reduction he is going through the numbers right now finding out what can be done for that scenario” said Nathan Jerke, Idaho Transportation Department.

"The state of Idaho needs to get their act together and work with the people in the community to take care of this because it could be one child one day, and another child the next day” said Vicki Fisher, Parent.

"As far as any other changes to the crosswalk that is going to be a conversation between I.T.D., the community, and law enforcement. It will be a group effort to find the right technique to slow traffic through that area during school hours” said Nathan Jerke, Idaho Transportation Department.

A crosswalk that will continue to be controversial until drivers are forced to slow down.

Minidoka County Commissioners plan to meet next week with the transportation department to discuss the issue.

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