Staying Healthy At The County Fair


By Andrew Reed

Filer, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The fair is fun for everyone, but are you keeping yourself clean while on the attractions and with the animals?

"You're outdoors, you're around animals, around dirt, things are going to happen” said Patricia Heath, Infection Protection Nurse.

It’s simple advice, wash your hands. This year at the fair that message is clear.

"A family needs to decide what they are going to do at the fair and plan out how they're going to keep clean” said Patricia Heath, Infection Protection Nurse.

The animals are one of the most popular and exciting elements of the county fair but it's also an area that can spread harmful bacteria if you're not careful.

"Anytime the people touch the animals or pet the animals we encourage them to either use hand sanitizer or the hand wash stations” said John Pitz, Twin Falls County Fair Manger.

Eight hand washing stations are offered at the fair.

Making sure you don't eat in the barns and washing up after you leave are two things fair officials say will keep you in the clear.

If you're not around the animals, and just on the rides sanitizing is still key.

"Keep your hands clean, but also keep your hands away from things like that. That's really going to help keep illness away” said Patricia Heath, Infection Protection Nurse.

Keeping illness away, in a fun environment with lots of germs.

There haven’t been any reports of individuals getting sick from the twin falls county fair this year.

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