Twin Falls Animal Shelter Needs Your Help


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The City of Twin Falls is now in charge of animal control duties, the changeover took place in June.

A good thing for the city, but now they need help.

The animal shelter is overpopulated.

Every kennel is full, some even occupying two animals.

For animal lovers it's a sight no one wants to see, a building that's supposed to hold 70 animals is overflowing with more than one-hundred cats and dogs.

So far this year 345-more animals came in compared to 2011.

"Its horribly overcrowded I mean just over the weekend we filled every single pin in the building that leaves no more room for the 11-more that are coming in each day, it's incredibly scary” said Debbi Blackwood Director, Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

Since the City of Twin Falls took over animal control duties - there has been a 3% increase of new animals brought in.

"We're averaging I'll say 10 to 14 calls a day sometimes we get them as high as 18. There is a city ordinance on dogs running at large and if you get cited for that its $156.50 per day” said Officer Ed Gudgell, Twin Falls Animal Control.

The shelter has requested an increase in their budget so they could give current employees raises and add an employee.

The 2013 budget for the shelter is more than $250,000.

"The City pays 45% for the operation cost and the County pays round 8% for the operation cost” said Officer Ed Gudgell, Twin Falls Animal Control.

The shelter is seeing a shortage $21,000-$27,000 in funds.

With more and more animals pawing their way in the animal shelter needs any help they can get.
The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is currently running a sale.

Dogs are $57 and cats are $31.

All animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

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