Changes Expected Following Expiration Of 2008 Farm Bill


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Lance Phillips is busy making sure farmers and ranchers are aware of several significant changes following the expiration of the 2008 farm bill. In previous years, June 30th was the historical date they did crop reporting.

"With the changes in this Farm Bill, we started to, our dates have changed. We're lining up now with risk management agencies reporting deadlines for insurance. Basically we said why are we having different deadlines, we could be storing the information together," said Lance Phillips, County Farm Executive Director.

The new reporting dates will impact nearly all farmers and ranchers. Since this is the first year the dates have changed, fines will not be assessed for being late until 2013.

"The biggest change is that now our alp alpha range pasture guys they have a November 15th deadline, that's November 15th of this year to come in and report to us. On December 15th, those are all of our Fall Seeded Crops like corn and wheat; we have a lot of crops like corn and wheat that they need to report to us. Then we have our spring crops, they're going to be July 15th," said Lance Phillips.

Changes will also impact the large dairy community in the Magic Valley.

"The milk program ended September 30th. We're trying to finish out any payments that are happening, so producers need to make sure they have their production to us and make sure they have their average gross income statements to us which are just their eligibility forms."

The USDA Office has until December 28th to get the milk program payments processed. Until the new farm bill is passed by congress, it is uncertain what type of new milk program might be implemented.