Classroom Ag To End The Year


By Joey Martin

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With the school year coming to a close one local farm based organization is doing their part in making sure that the youth of Southern Idaho remembers the farm over summer break.

In this week's segment of Grow Southern Idaho.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s first news checks in on a few kids getting hands–on at the farm.

For the 4th grade student at summit elementary in Jerome.

Their last day of school was full of interactive fun and education on the history of agriculture in Idaho.

"Agriculture has been the lifeline of Idaho and it's important that children understand the need for agriculture... not just for our state but for our county and the world."
Said Morgan Brune, from Jerome County Farm Bureau

Tracie Garcia is a 4th grade teacher at Summit.

It was her who had the idea of inviting Jerome County Farm Bureau of Idaho out to the classroom to educate her students on the agriculture industry.

"That's what drives Idaho, 80% of Idaho is mountainous, and the other part... 20% is what we live on and we have to be pretty efficient in a dry and aired region. And the kids need to understand how the agriculture works and be very efficient with it."
Said Tracie Garcia, 4th grade teacher at Summit Elementary.

The students spend the day taking part in many different activities.

Including learning the major technological advancements made in the industry over the more then 100 years of ag in Idaho.

Along with hands on demonstrations of the dairy industry.

"Then they also get to grind up wheat with some hand grinders and with the flower that they ground up we made pancakes with and they get to eat that. And actually also dip it into the butter they made at the dairy demonstration."
Said Brune.

"They're loving it. They're excited today, they've been in and out I haven't had one complaint from my own students. I'll ask some of the other classes in the hallways... oh yeah! That was so neat. So they're having a great time."
Said Garcia.

A great time for the kids... And at the same time giving them the educational background and the appreciation of the agricultural industry of their own community.