Educating Tomorrow's "Ag" Leaders Today


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV/ KTWT-TV ) Educating the next generation of the agriculture community is a major part of the College of Southern Idaho.

In this week's segment of Grow Southern Idaho.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News takes a look inside the growing agriculture studies department at CSI.

"We're the only technical two year college for agriculture studies left in the state of Idaho."

The agriculture studies department at the College of Southern Idaho is as old as the school itself.

As the department chair, Jim Wilson, explains there are nine different programs offered.

"Agriculture... we have a technical degree and transfer degrees. We have aquiculture, we have animal science, equine studies, we have environmental technology, horticulture, veterinary technology, we have water resource management, and we also have wind technology."
Said Jim Wilson, CSI Agriculture Department Chair.

Currently, there are around 400 students in those nine programs.

For one of those students, it's not just about the outstanding program, but also the location.

"I chose CSI... its close, its local, it's a good school. I've just heard good things and its close for me. The teachers do help you... it's a lot more personal than a bigger university, you get a lot of extra help and stuff... and that works."
Said Ag Student, Dustin Russell.

For the most part, the students that make their way through the programs are immediately finding careers to thrive in.

Or continue their education on an even higher level.

"We have students that go into industry and go right to work anywhere from 18 dollars an hour to 60,000 a year. We have students that transfer on to university both Utah State, University of Idaho, Montana State to Oregon State."
Said Wilson.

Creating the Ag leaders of tomorrow... today.

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