Family Farm Living


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Idaho agriculture is the lifeblood of the economy in southern Idaho.

Consisting of large scale farming, this industry brings in over 4 billion dollars annually.

But there are also small, family owned farms carving out a niche of their own.

The average size of a farm in the State of Idaho is about 470 acres.

The crops grown range from... of course, potatoes... but also wheat, beans, corn and much more, with large scale farming producing the vast majority of that.

But there are still small, family owned operations out there making a living.

And one of those is Tubbs’ Berry Farm in Twin Falls.

"We live in an agriculture community, but people are so far separated from where their food actually comes from and from the farm itself. The small farms can produce some of those little crops that aren't normally produced in this area," points out Heidi Tubbs.

At only 30 acres, Tubbs’ Berry Farm is only a fraction of the size of the large operations.

But to the owners, it's not about making money.

"Well you know, I grew up on farms and my wife grew up around ag and stuff, and so we wanted to give our kids that farm experience... and it was hard to do it. We just slowly did test plots of strawberries and raspberries and expanded over time and has grown into what it is now," explains Kirk Tubbs.

And what it is now is not only a farm for the Tubbs family, but the work they are doing to help their community and the youth is not something you will see in a major farming operation.

"One thing that has been really fun for me is our CSA or community supported agriculture, and so people will buy a share of produce in the spring and then every week there is a basket of produce for them in the summer. And we also have a lot of families that come out and help with that. Just watching these other kids... that you know, wouldn't have the opportunity to be out and see ag and see how things grow... plant the seed and then watch it grow and harvest it.... It's just a neat thing to give people that experience," Kirk says.

"You know, the small family farms provide a degree of independence. Besides keeping here locally... knowing where their food comes from and getting to grow some of it and being involved.... This food is here, it doesn't have to be trucked in... It doesn't have to be shipped in. If something happens, it's here," he adds.

Keeping those small, family run operations alive... and giving locals the option of fresh produce from the source.

Tubbs’ Berry Farm specializes in a variety of specialty crops... from berries and honey... to animal products... to all types of produce.

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