Hay Season Underway Across The Magic Valley


By Brandon Redmond

Eden, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) They hay season is just getting started across the Magic Valley. There are usually three to four cuttings of hay each season here in the magic valley. The season and prices are starting off strong.

"You know we're just getting started with things, so we're testing and I think there's a little bit of desperation buying because hay is short on properties, so prices are definitely starting out strong," said Dusty Standlee, President of Standlee Hay.

But one thing producers can’t control is the weather.

"You know water is a little short in Idaho this year so it's definitely dry. We need to have enough water to get through the season,” said Dusty Standlee, President of Standlee Hay.

Standlee feels optimistic though about this season.

"Yeah I think it will be a good season. California, Washington, that's kind of our indicators on the export side and domestics and they've been a little softer this season. I expect things to be close to inline with last year," said Dusty Standlee.

The drought in the Midwest is creating shortages across much of the east coast. That is good news for local hay producers who export.

"Yeah there's some drought areas that have definitely east Coast prices are definitely up so that helps our sales on the East Coast and Midwest," said Dusty Standlee.

While export prices may be good, there are some limiting factors here locally.

“You know dairies aren't real financially strong coming off a few rough years, so that's probably a limiter. And also commodities softening in general somewhat. So it's a fine line right now where the price is going to end up and what people can actually pay being an end user," said Dusty Standlee.