How The Heat Is Impacting Local Crops


By Brandon Redmond

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Crops and vegetation can be extremely sensitive to temperatures. But was the last heat wave enough to damage local crops?

"Well you know the reality is that it has been warm, but we haven't really had an extended heat wave of very hot temperatures. We had a few days over one hundred and we certainly had some days in the 90's," said Steve Hines with the University of Idaho Extension Office.

The biggest concern during the heat wave is ensuring that crops have enough water.

"No doubt that any crops that haven't had enough irrigation water could be under a little drought stress," said Steve Hines.

Most areas across the Magic Valley have enough irrigation water but there are some areas of concern.

"There are a couple irrigation districts in the area out on the salmon tract and up in Lincoln County on the Big Wood system where they are either out of water or very near so, those crops are certainly going to be stressed," Hines told us.

In fact the warm temperatures might have actually helped the crops.

"In our area, actually the crops look very good. Of course the crops need some heat units to grow and we've certainly seen plenty of heat units this year. Especially our forage crops, corn and alfalfa have done very well. They like some warmth in the evening and our nights have not been cooling off and so they've grown very well," said Steve Hines.