Idaho Irrigation Equipment Show And Conference Set For Burley


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Every three years the Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association makes their way to southern Idaho for the annual I-I-E-A show and expo.

For this week's segment of Grow Southern Idaho....

Joey martin tells us what you can expect for this year's show.

"Water is king.... There wouldn't be a whole lot going on here if it wasn't for the water."

If water is truly king… then irrigation equipment used to move that water is even more important.

For those in the irrigation industry the Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association show and conference is just the event for you.

"It brings together somewhere around 50 exhibitors showcasing all different aspects of equipment of the irrigation industry.
It's a great thing for people to go to, to see what's new in the irrigation industry. Sprinkler equipment, pipes... pumps. All different things in the irrigation industry."
Said Howard Neibling for the Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association.

The annual Idaho Irrigation Equipment show gets underway January 15th and 16th in Burley.

The show is broken up into two days of events.

With the 15th being all about education.

"all throughout the day we have classes for the irrigation equipment industry personnel. Two events that the public would be interested in... a couple of presentations that deal with aquifer recharge and trying to make the best use of surface and ground water in southern Idaho."

Then on the 16th the vendors take over.

With over 50 different companies in attendance.

"These range from all the major center–pivot manufactures to drip irrigation equipment manufacturers to all of the other equipment that you need for sprinkler irrigation. A wide variety of people will be there. It's a great show to go to learn about all things irrigation."

And if you don't attended this year... You will have to wait 3 more years for the next one.

"We rotate on a three year basis. Were in Nampa one year, Burley the next and were somewhere in the Idaho Falls area the third year. This is the closest one but their certainly welcome to do a little driving on the off years as well."

Protecting and properly utilizing the water recourses that put the magic in the magic valley.

The two day event is free to the general public.

No registration is required.

For more information on the classes being offered, or if you would like to participate as a vendor.