Impacts Of The Drought On The Harvest


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Harvest season is just around the corner. The drought continues to impact crops across the Magic Valley.

"There are many irrigation districts in the Valley that have shut off water early on crops and so the Salmon Falls creek has shut water off already and that has affected some crops that are a little later," said CSI Plant Scientist Jim Wilson.

With irrigation water running low, many fields never even got planted. With water getting turned down, some of the later crops have felt the effects.

"The Twin Falls and North side cut water allotments down and that has affected some crops like sugar beets and potatoes that are later harvest crops," said Wilson.

The heavy rain the past several days could also impact the harvest.

"Standing crops, corn, sugar beets, potatoes there may be some water log. They may have to look at shutting off some irrigation to those which may not be too bad of a deal. Then there are crops like alfalfa on the ground which could affect the quality of that alfalfa and sometimes it could ruin that crop," said Professor Jim Wilson.

Looking ahead to next season, snowfall this winter is essential.

"If we don't get a really good snowfall in the Mountains, in the Upper Snake River Valley in the Mountains in Yellowstone, Wyoming some of Idaho we are really going to hurt in the Magic Valley as far as cropping goes next year irrigation wise," said Wilson.