Keeping Farmers Out Of The Mud


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) For irrigators in Southern Idaho, the problem of deep ruts and flooded tracks are a yearly problem that can, in the long run, cost farmers big bucks'.

In this week's segment of Grow Southern Idaho.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News tells us about one product making a difference for farmers all over the Magic Valley.

"We sell a Polyacrylamide, they use the acronym P.A.M."

Irrigation farming is the backbone of the Ag community in Southern Idaho.

But a problem most don't think about is the deep ruts and tracks left behind once the daily watering is complete.

And that's where PAM steps in.

"It's a polymer that they add to the soil to cut down on erosion and getting deep track ruts in the pivots."
Said Eric Mcgray, Sales Representative from Earth Chem.

How does it work?

"It's a negatively charges ion, most of your soil are positively charged. So you get that attraction... you take that small sediment and combine it into a larger aggregate and the water can't pick it up and move it and you also create a place for the water to settle in and penetrate so that we can get rid of the standing water in the pivot track."

"we've developed the tablets so they'll dissolve when the sprinkler water hits them... it drips into the track. The tables dissolve must faster because we've put some effervescent in them. So they dissolve much like alka seltzer."
Said Mcgray.

For farmers that are utilizing this product. The money saved on just maintenance costs alone really start to add up.

"For 60 dollars a tower they can save a lot of maintenance headaches. They can drive in the fields and not be driving over large tracks that breakdown equipment and cause maintenance nightmares."
Said Mcgray.

For both furrow and pivot irrigators, there are benefits on both sides.

"For furrow irrigation, like the gravity feed guys... they can lose a lot of top soil. And this is a way to save that topsoil, keep the soil in the fields where the crops need it.”
“For the pivot guys, they like it because it's cutting down on having to go in and having to fill the tracks with dirt or straw... it just helps them to maintain those tracks."
Said Mcgray.

A small investment to cut down on hefty maintenance cost in the long run.

For more information on SoilPAM log onto their website at WWW.EARTHCHEM.COM.

Or you can conatact them at 1-800-SOILPAM.