Kids On The Farm


By KMVT News

Eden, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Educating today's youth on the importance of the farm life is crucial in keeping America a world leader in agriculture production.

One local organization is doing their part in keeping the farm way and traditions alive.

The Jerome County Farm Bureau is taking a hands on, educational approach in educating the future leaders of the ag community.

All this week, a small farm in Eden is playing host to school kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.

The students will spend the day learning anything and everything about farm life.

Lola Fitzpatrick is the Jerome County Farm Bureau Women's Committee Chairperson.

She explains why it’s so important to grab the kids while they're young so our farms thrive in the future.

"Oh it's very important... if we don't educate the kids, they don't have any idea of where their food actually comes from. Kids nowadays are two generations away from the farming. They either live in big cities or small suburbs and really don't get a chance to interact on a farm. So it's important for organizations like Farm Bureau to help get the word out to teach them where their food comes from," she says.

During the program, the kids were able to learn details about all of the crops grown right here in southern Idaho, along with what goes in the dirt. The kids were able to get hands on with many of the animals raised here in the area.

And to top it off, the program even gave the kids a chance to pick up a fishing pole and try and catch a famous southern Idaho trout.