Local Business Instrumental In Seed Testing


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The Gem State produces a significant portion of the pea and bean seed for the world.

And one local business is instrumental in testing that seed.

"In Idaho, 85% of the pea seeds for the world is produced in Idaho and 90% of the bean seed for the world is produced in the state of Idaho and it's critical for these guys to get to market," explained Pat Brownfield, from Bio Diagnostics West.

In order to get to the market, those seeds have to be tested, and that's exactly what Bio Diagnostics West does right here in Twin Falls.

"We're a seed testing laboratory that serves the farmers as well as all of the seed companies to get their product tested so they can put a label on that product and then sell it to the consumers," Brownfield said.

The seeds have to be tested properly and there are only a few certified businesses in the western United States who have that capability.

"They need to get to market. Our dry bean industry needs to be able to get their seed out, and also of the bean seed produced in Idaho, a large percentage of it goes to Canada, and it has to be tested with someone who has the right credentials," Brownfield explained.

When you go to the grocery store, there is also a good chance something you've purchased has been tested by Bio Diagnostics West.

"We also test a lot of product. All of the salad greens that you folks go and buy bagged salad in the store anymore, all of that kind of product, that seed is coming up from California and we are testing all of that as well," Brownfield said.

A local company that is impacting the agriculture industry across the globe.