Some Farm Bill Programs Extended While Others Still In Limbo


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Some parts of the farm bill have been extended including the milk program. There are a few things that dairy producers need to know.

"Our local dairy producers, they are given a temporary sign up period from February 1st to February 28th where they can up in and they can actually select the start month from September to all the way to now, February, for the month that they want to start, to basically bring us their production to get paid just like the old milk program. Normally they don't have that time, they only have a month period but because it was extended they have that extended period to come in. After February 28th, it will revert to the old start date,” said Lance Phillips with the local USDA Office.

The extension brought no changes to the milk program. It is the same program it has been for the previous four years.

"It still produces 2.985 million pounds so some of our dairy producers will max out in one or two months. So that start month and the rate can be very telling, especially with milk prices being so volatile," said Lance Phillips.

While much of the farm bill was extended, several of the programs including the Disaster Assistance Program have yet to be acted on by cross.

"We have not received any provisions about that at this time. I believe that they are negotiating that and that's a fairly large program. Also our livestock programs for our beef and cattle programs have not been extended. So there were a couple of programs that were not continued and Congress may yet act on those," said Lance Phillips.

While Congress continues to debate the rest of the farm bill, the agriculture community continues to wait.