Starting Your Own Garden


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The ag world dominates the economy here in southern Idaho.

But for homeowners who never step foot on a farm, the opportunity to cultivate your own crops is a very real possibility.

"The advantage of a raised garden bed is you can control the medium inside," explains Jennifer Moss, from Moss Greenhouses.

Depending on your location and the quality of soil on your property, having your own garden has never been a real possibility.

But with a raised garden bed, your dream of having your own small garden could be a reality.

Moss gives us a few tips to getting started.

"If you have bad soil in your backyard... tried to grow in it to no success… this is kind of the perfect option to put a raised garden on that spot you were trying to grow on... and actually fill it with the right kind of soil and organic matter to be able to grow about anything you want," she explains.

If a raised garden is an option for you, how should you tend to the soil?

"I recommend using a lot of organic matter. That is basically the food for the plants as they grow, composting... any type of soil conditioners you can get your hands on, that kind of thing. You can mix top-soil in there as well... I wouldn't spend all of your money on top-soil... I definitely would include compost," Moss says.

Now for which plants to choose... It's all about watching the weather and timing it right.

"There is kind of a schedule of things of how they go in. You're going to do your cold crops... the cabbages, broccolis, cauliflower... these are great items to start thinking about now. Then past that, you're going to start working in kind of your seed varieties as far as your peas, your carrots... beans come after that, onions are a good thing to start thinking about, and then the last thing you're going to plant are your tomatoes and pepper," Moss explains.

"Use your local growers and your local garden centers and landscapers. They have wonderful resources for you," she adds.

Utilizing the knowledge and know-how of the southern Idaho ag community to help make your own garden a success.