Parent Claims Twin Falls Day Care Facility Allowed Toddler To Walk Down Street Unsupervised


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - A Twin Falls daycare is at the center of a controversy.
Miss Diedre's daycare is under fire after a toddler was found walking down a Twin Falls Street with a stranger, yesterday, unsupervised.

Diedre Hamann, the daycare owner says this is the first time it's happened. "I was out back with the plumber, the little girl had gotten out of the house after we found an older child had heard it was a playground time, had grabbed her hand and wanted to take her out."

Lt. Craig Stotts with the Twin Falls Police Department said, "We received a call from a concerned citizen obviously, had seen the child in the road and went to some houses in the area to locate the house the child belonged to."

The events surrounding the situation led Julia Brown, the child's mother to pull her children out of Miss Diedre's daycare. "I wouldn't be pressing charges, with an active child, things happen, but when that happens, you would expect a normal person to be crying, empathetic, begging on their knees, but she showed no remorse for what she had done."

Miss Diedre's started out as a small scale home-based daycare, but then the business expanded. "I guess I didn't really expand with my thought process. I just thought it would be like being at your aunt's house. Unfortunately, we see how that turned out."

The daycare owner has alarms, a gated fence and is putting caution signs on the property. She spoke with Idaho stars and was told she acted appropriately. "I think the situation is bad enough and I was the lies left out of it and we deal with the real issue at hand which is the little girl got out."

The investigation is still in the preliminary stages. If the Twin Falls Police department files charges, it would be misdemeanor child neglect.

On another note, while doing some research online, Brown discovered something that disturbed her.
When you type in the physical address, you find both Miss Diedre's daycare and an adult entertainment site known as Silk Worm Entertainment, LLC.
To see the
response from the daycare owner and other comments on this story, click here.

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