City of Filer Looks to Outside Agency to Investigate Dog Shooting


By Jarred Aslett

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A Filer Police Officer shot a man's dog over the weekend, sparking outrage across Southern Idaho and gaining national attention. Saturday afternoon Filer Police Officer Tarek Hassani responded to a call of dogs at large in a neighborhood. After arriving at the home where the dogs lived, he was approached by the dogs, and used lethal force on a black lab he claims was acting aggressive. Word of the incident spread quickly, and now the city is taking action after initially claiming it was a closed case. City of Filer Mayor Richard Dunn says, “The police chief from Twin Falls is working with our city attorney to locate an agency that's independent from us so we keep everything above board, unbiased.” Several Facebook groups are calling for action against the officer. Filer Resident Chase Vincent said, “Just from what I saw it looked like the dogs were aggressive, however I don't think it took lethal force. You have a night stick, you have a taser, you have mace, there are plenty of other options I think. If worse comes to worse get back in your car.” "I just think the situation could have been handled a little bit better. It didn't look aggressive to me but you never know the situation unless your there," adds local Steven Beams. The dog's owner, Rick Clubb wants justice, and is calling for Hassani's job, "He doesn't need to be carrying a gun. If he is trigger happy like that he doesn't need to be a police officer and he doesn't need a gun." He believes it was the officer's behavior that made the dog aggressive, "When you're kicking at them and you get out the car and got your gun drawn when you get out of the car what do you expect from animals? They're going to protect their territory." The city is being inundated with calls from people nationwide, according to Mayor Richard Dunn. But, at this point officials will not be commenting any further until the issue is resolved. “The city is a great city, don't judge Filer by one incident whether its this or anything else. Just like everything you look at, there's two sides to every story,” added Dunn. The City of Filer asked the Twin Falls Police Department to investigate, however because of a conflict of interest, they are looking for another outside agency to handle the situation. Mayor Dunn tells us Officer Hassani has been placed on administrative leave until the issue is resolved. To view the full dash camera video click on the link below. However, we want to warn you it is graphic.

To watch the dash cam from the police car and hear the dialogue between the police officer and the dog owner, click here. 

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