1.5 Million Americans Call Out Sick With "Super Bowl Flu"


By Rachel Holt

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

If an employee or co–worker called in sick on Monday; you may have reason to be suspicious.

According to the workforce institute, Sunday night's football game is the cause of 1.5 million unplanned absences the next day.

Rui Gomes, General Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings in Twin Falls, notes, “I've been here about 4 years now and we see people stay a little longer, stay a little longer and by the morning they are probably not feeling as good as they should to make it to work and that flu probably comes around pretty quick.”

Sean Percibal, Assistant Manager at Canyon Crest, adds, "Especially in a big game like last night... I don't see a lot of people are going to make it to work today."

It's unclear who will call in sick today; Denver fans who are embarrassed to show their face in the office, or Seattle fans who may have partied a little too hard."

Referring to an employee, Gomes adds, "I was a little worried he wasn't going to make it this morning. He's a big Broncos fan and we kept giving him a hard time, we kept texting him asking how he was doing and he wasn't texting us back."

Some workers were more than happy to show up to work to gloat about their team's win.

Becky Nelson, Senior Vice President in Human Resources at First Federal Bank, says, “we have a Monday morning meeting and of course it was the people that wanted the Broncos to win that were a little sad and some of the Seahawks fans, they were having a great time.”

But others succumbing to sickness.

As Percibal checks his phone during the interview, he makes an interesting discovery…
"Alright I got my first drop off...One of my employees just called in... Mark, if you're listening, you're in trouble."

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