Amanda Knox's Ex Tells Cnn I Still Have To Fight


By Paul Johnson

(CNN) - Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend has returned to Italy to fight his new murder conviction.
Last week, an Italian court found Raffaele Sollecito and Knox guilty again.
They have been convicted, acquitted and now convicted a second time in Meredith Kercher's killing.
She was Knox's roommate who was stabbed to death in 2007.
SOLLECITO: "You all know that the focus was only through Amanda to her behavior, to her peculiar behavior, but whatever it is, I'm not guilty for it. Why do they convict me? Why do put me on the corner and say that I'm guilty just because in their minds I have to be guilty because I was her boyfriend. It doesn't make any sense to me.
AC: Do you hold Amanda Knox responsible for the situation you're in now?
SOLLECITO: They focus all their attention on her and I don't, I cannot understand really why, but on the other side I'm not responsible for that. So, I'm not saying that Amanda is responsible for all this situation but they focus on her and they accuse her all the time, but I have nothing to do with all these circumstances and all these accusations.
Knox and Sollecito have maintained their innocence.
Prosecutors say Kercher was killed after rejecting attempts by Knox, Sollecito and another man to participate in a sex game.
That other man, Rudy Guede, is the only person in jail for the murder.

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