4-H Projects More Varied Than You Might Think


By Jay Michaels

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Monday morning, many 4-H kids will sell their animals at the fat stock sale here at the Twin Falls County Fair. But raising an animal isn't the only thing you can do for a 4-H project.

4-H projects range from wildlife, fishing, and camping to small engines and archery. That also include everything from motorized Legos to kaleidoscopes and building and flying model rockets.

4-H club member Matthew Berheim says, "All the kids love to watch them go up, then see if their parachutes actually open or not. And see if it just comes down and crashes into little pieces, or doesn't."

This model rocket looks like it's not in very good shape, but that's part of learning about rocket science. Other 4-H projects help kids learn about culinary science, which you can also use in Dutch oven cooking.

Matthew's fellow 4-H club member Shaylee Berheim says, "There are a lot of different types on Dutch ovens to use. Some are specifically for soups and stews, and others are used for anything. A lot of people don't know that you can cook any average food that you can cook in the microwave or an oven, in a Dutch oven just as easy."

Matthew Berheim has been a member of the "Down on the Farm" 4-H club for ten years. This year his motorized Lego 4-H project won first place. And when it comes to archery, he built his very own bow out of some very unexpected materials.

Matthew says, "I built a PVC pipe bow, and duct taped it in camouflage. I put an old shoelace string on it so you can shoot the arrows off. And put a crossbar in the middle to help hold the arrows on."

It’s another 4-H project that you wouldn't expect.

August 31, 2013.

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