Air Magic Valley: Something For Everyone


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With Air Magic Valley kicking off in less than 24 hours, more and more aircraft are making their way to Joslin Field in Twin Talls.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News went for a ride on one historic aircraft on Thursday.

And then hitched a ride on plane that took him for a loop.


Since Monday aircraft have been making their way to Twin Falls.

Starting with the B–25 Mitchell Bomber.

And now, an aircraft that's even rarer has landed for this weekend’s show.

"They were primarily used in the north... north Atlantic so sub patrol and in the Pacific they were flown out of the Aleutian's which is why we got this one painted up as Attu Warrior."
Said Dave Hansen, Owner of the Attu Warrior.

Unlike the other aircraft that will be featured at this weekend’s air show.

This Harpoon is special.

Due to the fact that there are only three PV–2's still flying to this day.

Now although the harpoon is a world war two era bird.

Unlike its counterpart, the B–25, it did not see combat during the war.

"As best as we were able to deduce, it did not see combat. But we do have log books from two gunners that actually flew on this aircraft out of the Aleutian's but we have no record of it being up there."
Said Hansen.

"some something old to something new... this year's Air Magic Valley air show has a little bit of something for everyone.

I just took a ride in a 'PV–2 Harpoon'... next I'm going new generation with an 'Extra 330 LX' Enjoy..."

For this reporter, who grew up with a fear of even county fair roller coasters.

This flight took a little more preparation than it did with the Harpoon.

But once in the air, the skill and precision... And not to mention speed… is something to behold.

"This airplane is a high energy aerobatics airplane. Built for tow people to ride in them basically we can pull plus or minus 10 g's in this airplane... not saying that we will... but it's a very capable airplane."
Said Air Show Performer, Bard Wursten.

During the show, Brad Wursten and his partners will be wowing crowds with their skills.

"Basically we fly a sequence and a routine that we put together and bring out here show off to the public."
Said Wursten.

And along with all of the other aircrafts and events taking place this weekend.

It's hard to think there will be a disappointed person in the crowd.

Air Magic Valley will be getting underway Friday afternoon.

One of the most anticipated events this year is the ‘Run the Runway’ 5k charity walk.

With portions of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Registration for that is at 6 pm, And the 5–k will get under way at 7.

Then of course at 9, the real fun starts with the lights in the sky for the annul night show.

For more information on events and activities log onto Air Magic Valleys website at WWW.AIRMAGICVALLEY.ORG

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