"Artwork" At Shoshone Falls Is Gone


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) As mysteriously as it appeared… it has now disappeared.

A controversial piece of “artwork” was reported to staff members down at Shoshone Falls Park on Sunday afternoon.

For those who reported the formation, they could only describe it as one thing…. A 20 foot-long outline of a males most private parts.

It was the plan of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office to undergo a Search and Rescue training mission to remove the obscenity.

But as of Thursday, too much joy of the Sheriff’s Office, the formation has disappeared.

“It’s absolutely … totally… inappropriate as you can imagine. I’ve been in this business for a really…really…really long time and it’s a first for me. People do some pretty stupid things nut I can’t say I’ve ever seen them pull something quite this dumb.”
Said Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter.

Now according to Sheriff Carter there is no law that prohibits an individual from doing this type of thing.

But he does say that acts like this are very inappropriate and should never take place.

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