Bikers Against Bullies Stops In Twin Falls


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Bikers Against Bullies. The biker group travels across the united states. Their goal is to allow bikers and others to promote the importance of a safe environment for children.

"Well I'm a single dad and I got to work with the Hellgate School System in Montana with the anti–bullying campaign. And we wanted to cool it up a little bit. Maybe get a message out to the kids where it wasn't coming from the parents or teachers. It was coming from someone in the community who cares. So we started Bikers against Bullies," said Flash with the Biker’s Against Bullies.

The anti–bullying ride which left Snake River Harley Saturday afternoon, aims at expanding the 'bikers against bullies' group in Idaho.

"It's a great cause. We appreciate everyone coming out and doing the ride. It's an awesome day. Love meeting these people, hearing their stories. Here to support these kids. They depend on us and we depend on them," said Mean Mary.

The group hopes their unique way of presenting the anti–bullying message will resonate with the youth.

"I would say my biggest reason is today is simply because every second week I have an email message telling me another kid is dead somewhere in America. And one kid is to many and there is something we can do about if we all get together. So this is what we are doing," said Flash.

The group is also riding for a local camp. Camp rainbow gold near galena summit offers kids diagnosed with cancer a place for support and to have fun.

"Well Camp Rainbow Gold is a kids place. Kids that have been stricken with different types of cancer. It's not something they've asked for. It's not something that they necessarily deserve. But you look around and you have hundreds of thousands of bikers who are here to raise money for them," said Flash.

A group of bikers giving back to our youth.

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