Body Found At SF General Is Missing Woman Lynne Spalding


By KMVT News

San Francisco, California (CNN) The daughter of a missing woman has confirmed that a body found in a stairwell at San Francisco General Hospital is her mother.

Lynne Spalding's family members say the 57-year old checked herself into the hospital on September 19th and was last seen on September 21st.

Investigators say her body was found Tuesday morning in the stairwell.

"I just received a call from Lynne Spalding's next of kin, her daughter, who is understandably traumatized by this situation, she's a wreck. At the moment, she is not going to be speaking to the press. If that changes, I'll certainly let you know. She just a few moments ago received a call from San Francisco General in which she was told by a gentleman identified as Roland Pickens, I may have that name wrong, but you can double check, and he told her, and these are her daughters words to me, that they feel certain that the body found here yesterday at San Francisco general is indeed her mother Lynne Spalding, yet they have not had 100% identification from the medical examiner," said David Perry, spokesman for Lynne Spalding's family

The hospital says it has no idea how she ended up in the rarely-used staircase.

Hospital officials and police are now investigating.

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