The Serious Truth About Concussions


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The impacts from a concussion can affect a person in the short time or last a lifetime.

A normal soccer game can turn hazy in a second for a player.

"A girl just tripped me up from behind and I fell and hit my head on the ground," explains Mehli Marcellus, soccer player at Twin Falls High School.

Marcellus has suffered concussions on numerous occasions, but one stood out the most.

"I had a lot of trouble remembering the stuff I learned the previous week and that really affected me, it was around finals week."

Coach Katie Kauffman can remember at least eight incidences of a player receiving a concussion.

"She went out for a play and actually got a knee to the back of the head when she was making a play for the ball, and it's just as simple as that, it was a typical play that got more physical than it should have....she had a really severe reaction and her speech was a little impaired. She had a hard time walking afterwards, it was really scary," adds Kauffman.

But it's not always head to head contact...

"It's from being tackled and bouncing the head off the field or the court after being knocked the various ways of getting a concussion is so hard to plan for, it's more so the education, ok how to get better and get back," adds Dr. Lon Egbert, Jerome Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Clinic.

And some of the effects will not show up right away, impacting the person later in life.

Dr. Egbert adds, "we'll see some high school kids and athletes turn around and come back to in play in a couple of weeks and get a concussion and then they turn around and play in a couple weeks and as more research shows up, were finding adults have more problems now."

Big hits might get the crowd cheering now, but not when an athlete suffers health issues as a result.

Symptoms of a concussion can include confusion or feeling as if in a fog, a headache or amnesia. Some even experience temporary loss of consciousness.

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