Bus Driver On Administrative Leave Following Incident Involving Students


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A bus driver is in hot water after an alleged incident during an afternoon tutorial route. We learned the bus driver was filling in for the normal driver who was sick.

"My son gets picked up from the Fawnbrook Apartments usually around 6:50," explains Jay Murdock, a step-father of one of the children on the bus.

Jay Murdock is outraged over what his stepson explains happened on the bus.

"Told them they should be thankful I am giving you a ride, just being belligerent to them, my stepson told me he started cussing at them, calling them rude names, threatened to throw one of the girls off the bus and finally he stopped way in the country over by the hospital, they found some construction workers and they were nice enough to let my son use the phone."

There's no video on that bus to reveal what happened, just witness accounts.

Brady Dickinson, Director of Operations/Educational Technology, Twin Falls School District explains, "what we were able to determine is we had a situation on the bus where the students we not behaving very well and that in this particular case the situation was not handled real well by the bus driver and things have been said that shouldn't have been."

Susan Hendrickson is the vice-president of HR and people development for Mid Columbia Bus Company, the parent company of Western States adds, "there is only a certain amount of cameras within the system and they're able to rotate, not every bus has one other words, but most buses have the capability of having the camera put in them, but pretty much they all have the boxes or instrument that holds the camera system...after scenarios like this that are very challenging, our company looks at what can we do differently and...now we have committed to the purchase of a new system for all the districts that we run out of Idaho."

Meanwhile, Western States has placed the bus driver on unpaid administrative leave.

Dickinson adds, "the fact we have any incident on the bus is really concerning to the district and Western States Bus Company."

As for Murdock he's concerned who's behind the wheel..."They need to do a background check on these drivers." And responsible for his children's safety.

Brady Dickinson explains generally very few complaints ever arise from the bus service.

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