CSI Awarded Grant


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

Big changes are coming to the Food Processing Management Degree at CSI.
And the college isn't the only place that will benefit.

CSI is the recipient of a federal grant totaling nearly 2.5 million dollars.
This will serve to aid their mission to grow Idaho’s food processing industry.

Says Terry Patterson, Instructional Dean, "I think this grant affords the college to get engaged with industry partners in business in the food processing area. We hope to make it broad enough to address the needs of all those different businesses so we're excited about it."

Cindy Bond, Instructional Dean, adds, "We asked and they came forward and they said, ‘what can we do to help’? That we're actually going to help solve a labor shortage here in our area, that's very exciting to me."

Around 5,000 square feet in the A-TIC building scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2014 will be allocated for labs for the new program.

Says Bond, "we're very happy. The amount of money will allow us to purchase the necessary equipment, find and develop and work with industry to develop the curriculum and then to train people.
The school is eager for work to begin right away.

Says Patterson, "the clock starts on October 1st and it's a four year grant so we will be working today. It will begin soon."
Taking big steps towards major improvements.

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