A Closer Look At Sun Valley's Bike Trail Development


By Brittany Cooper

Sun Valley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Construction is underway on a long–term development of summer bike trails. These trails will be located on Bald Mountain and come after a public scoping period and a rigorous look by the forest service at the recreational use of Bald Mountain.

Bellevue resident Cyndy Garbin just went mountain biking on Wednesday.

"I went out Adams Gulch and went up Eves Gulch north of town, it was probably six miles and i am a little sore today," explains Garbin.

She is looking forward to the addition of more bike trails.

"I like mountain biking myself, it is so much fun and so entertaining. The bike trails in sun valley are just beautiful. They take really good care of them and I really enjoy them.

Tony Parkhill of the Sun Valley Resort says, "it's about 17.2 miles worth of both new trail development, machine trail development and the re–working of existing trails, the process of building these trails and getting improvement for these trails."

The first trails will be constructed from Bald Mountain to the main mountain point, or the top of the gondola.

"What we're trying to do is expand the number of users to enjoy the mountain. As we have with the mountain itself during the winter. And under the idea of creating a summer that mirrors our winter what we're done is we try to build trails and design trails that specifically target a wide range of bike riders as possible," adds Parkhill.

They're looking at a four year window for the completion of nine trails, but they hope to have the two on top of the mountain completed by 2013.

For Parkhill, "the initial trail will be perfectly suited for low intermediate to advanced users."

Sun Valley known for skiing, is hoping to be the destination for mountain biking as well.

Bald Mountain consists of private, BLM managed and Forest Service land.

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