'Curing History' With Snake River Canyon Jump


By Brittany Cooper

Eden, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) It was a packed house Wednesday night at the Anderson Camp in Eden.

Omega Point Productions and their team discussed plans to "cure history" as they call it, by commemorating the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel's failed Snake River Canyon Jump.

The meeting was at the request of local citizens who live in proximity of the jump, wanting to hear more about the exact plans.

Here is project manager Scott Truax at the launch site in Jerome County, located just east of the Hansen Bridge.

Truax, joking that 8 people would show up at Wednesday night's meeting, was pleasantly surprised with the turnout.

"We're hoping to be able to show any concerned citizens that this is going to be good for the community, safe, well run and to address anybody's concerns," adds Truax.

Currently the team is building the rocket and ramp. They have their own private security, but are consulting with other agencies, hence the immense presence of law enforcement at the meeting.

Capt. Jack Johnson, Jerome County Sheriff's Office says, "we need to make sure our citizens property isn't vandalized or being destroyed in the process and that traffic flow continues along the arteries that feed the event site."

CEO of Omega Point Productions Scott Record, explained this is a four day festival with 30 bands, going with a country western lineup, making it a family affair.

"I have been somewhat surprised at how quickly this has progressed, I've been pleased that there seems to be a lot of attention to detail," adds Jerome County Commissioner Cathy Roemer.

All in the effort to re–create history...

"This about Bob Knievel and Bob Truax, my dad and Evel Knievel, curing history as well call it, fulfilling their dream," says Scott Truax.

Jerome County Commissioner Cathy Roemer tells us Omega Point Productions has already secured the proper permit from the county to assemble 25,000 people.

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