Dangers of Contact with Animals at the Fair


By KMVT News

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

Here at the petting zoo, fairgoers may come in contact with a variety of animals.

But it's important to remember to do so safely.

A number of deadly diseases can be spread if precautions aren't taken after touching animals.

Some common ones include salmonella and E.coli.

Says John Pitz, manager of the fair, "basically after you've touched the animals you need to make sure you wash your hands and that way when you go eat you don't bring any contaminants off the lifestock onto the food."

Young children are at the highest risk of infection. They are most likely to ingest dirt and bacteria from their hands.

In order to stay safe and sanitary, many parents and kids alike take advantage of the hand washing station set up outside the animal farm.

Says Pitz, "we just started doing hand washing stations at the lifestock farms about five years ago. It seems to be doing really well, we haven't had anyone sick and we're really proud of that.

Bunky Boger, owner of the petting zoo, "we have sanitizers all over the tent and hand washing stations around the tent so if they just scrub, scrub, scrub and use their common sense."

Parents agree. Mother Spring Paul of Twin Falls says, "I love the hand washing stations. We wash our hands out of the petting zoo, and we wash our hands every time. It makes me feel better."
Having fun at the fair, and doing so in a safe manner.

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