Elk Fire Displaces Residents


By Rachel Holt

The Elk fire has spread to over 125,000 acres.
Lightning sparked the fast moving fire on Wednesday.

Says Jennifer Myslivy, Fire Information Officer, "this year the Elk fire grew 125,000 acres in seven days so that shows you the intensity."

Over 81 structures have burned down.

The cost of the fire is estimated at more than 6.1 million dollars.

Despite an evacuation order and the loss of thirty-eight homes, some residents are choosing not to leave.

Reasons Cyndie Christensen, "it wasn't threatening to us necessarily."
Pat and Cyndie Christensen have lived in the area six years, and this isn't the first fire they've experienced.

With no water and power for the past five days, the couple chose to spend the day golfing.

But with the Christensen's local café without business, it's not all fun and games.

Says Christensen, "it's devastating to us financially we thought we were just getting to the point where we could function again and this happens."

A fire last year set the family back more than 35-thousand dollars, and this year it could be even worse.

Christensen continues, "August is usually when we put the money aside to get us through the winter and that's not happening."

Says Myslivy, "I think they're just trying to have a life as normal as possible here so we just try to keep them updated on the situation."

Officials are still cautious about letting residents back in.

Myslivy says, "we still have hazards, we want to make sure that before we let them back to their residences they're safe."

Residents like the Christensen's are hopeful for a return to normalcy in the next couple of days.

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