Examining The Twin Falls School District Dress Code


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) This school year when Twin Falls School District students headed back to campus they were welcomed with a new dress code policy.

A few months ago, we told you why students were upset about the change.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News gives us an update.

"I think the big thing is that our teachers want to teach... they don't want to be dress code cops."

It might be the colder weather.

Or are students at Twin Falls High School coming around to the district's new dress code policy?

Twin falls High School Principal Ben Allen says… the new dress code saw some heat in the beginning, but now students are accepting the new standards.

"The students have really been cooperative right from the start. They told us they didn't like it and they've had a petition, but they've actually come and done what's been asked of the. Which makes me really proud... I think it shows that our students are very respectful and their parents are. If they don't like something they're going to voice it but they haven't done it by protesting coming to school dress inappropriate."
Said T.F.H.S. Principal Ben Allen.

The policy requires that all shorts and skirts must be no shorter than just above the knee.

For the most part, this particularly pertains to the female students.

Initially, students at the school were against the new policy.

But with almost half of the school year already in the books, how are students feeling now?

"At first I was kind of annoyed by it, because it is mostly towards females and it's hard to adapt your wardrobe for just the school year. But as the year's gone on it's gotten a little better to get used to it."
Said T.F.H.S. Senior Ansley Meeks.

"I feel that overtime people will get used to it and it will become the norm of what people think. Over the years it will be different with the generations leaving and the new ones coming in. they'll think, oh hey! This is what's been going on for a while now... I guess that's normal. But right now its juts different."
Said T.F.H.S. Senior Rachel Bezas.

The code impacts roughly 3,000 student's district wide.

"We feel like we have to reflect the community... Twin Falls is a conservative community and this is what most of our parents have told us they desire. We think there are plenty of opportunities for young ladies to meet the fashion but at school, we would really like them to look professional."
Said Allen

Maintaining a professional look today and educating our future leaders for tomorrow.

The new dress code only affects the middle schools and high schools in the district.

Elementary schools are exempt from the new policy.

But with approval on the rise… Those students currently in elementary will have to adopt the new code soon enough.

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