Filer Businesses Expand To Keep Up With Growth


By Ben Lyda

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) If you drive through the city of Filer, you'll notice a lot of construction going on.
The city is seeing growth in many areas.
As Filer continues to grow there is one business that is looking to keep up.
Logan’s Market is in the process of doubling in size from its current 1100 square foot building.
The new store will have expanded dairy and produce sections along with a new bakery and deli.
Along with the expansion of the grocery store a new mini mall is under construction next door.
The building will include seven store fronts of 1250 square feet each.
With all the growth comes new jobs opportunities.
With the new businesses expected to create over thirty new jobs.
Logan’s Market co-owner says,
"There's been a need for quite a while, you know you talk to your customers and they tell you things they would like to see and we finally got to the point where we could fulfill those needs and expand in those areas."
Logan’s market is anticipating to be completed with construction by December 1st.

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