First Annual Magic Valley Fire/EMS Training Academy


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV/ KTWT-TV )

There was not much time for rest this weekend for many area firefighters.

The First Annual Fire Academy in the Magic Valley kept them busy, with over six intensive classes offered on fire safety.

Says Brent Blamires, training captain, "everyone is getting a little advanced training to further knowledge to be able to get home safe and they can learn different tactics. They can go inside the people to get people out, cut people out of cars, forced entry though the doors and stuff so it’s just a very beneficial training that we're doing this weekend."

Says Tyler Bryner, “it’s very physically demanding. You're picking up fifty pound tools and moving it around all day, it can be very exhausting for them.”

Taking place at various locations in Kimberly and Twin Falls, the classes featured a range of topics.

Says Blamires, “it’s tactics for fighting fires, pulling hose, loading hose-- different tactics that you need to use a bigger line to fight a fire. Also, teaching firefighters to get down fighters out of the building. This training in this building has made it so we can push them to their limits to get them out.”

Bryner adds, “it’s a good experience for them. We try to make the scenes and scenarios as real as possible, flipping cars upside down, flipping on their side. If you give them the basics, when they come to the situation they'll be able to put the pieces together and do it in as safe of a manner possible.”

Blamires says, “my hope at the end of this academy is that these guys go back to their departments and teach them one or two things that they learned new and implement changes.”

Making safety a priority for the brave men and women across Idaho.

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