Former Burley High School Vice Principal Sentenced


By Brandon Redmond

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Judge Michael Crabtree described the case as a breach of trust, a case out of the Burley High School. The breach of trust involves the former vice principal Tara Bagley and inappropriate relationships with two students.

"What I have to do, the goal that I'm tasked with here is to consider all of the circumstances to weight and balance the various factors," said Cassia County Judge Michael Crabtree.

Bagley's defense argued that her depression affected her decision making and she isn't a threat to society. But the prosecutor didn't agree, telling the crowded courtroom that was she was placed in a position of trust. That position according to the prosecutor was abused and used for her own personal gratification.

"It happened because of an intentional choice, intentional choices by the defendant," said Cassia County Prosecutor Alfred Barrus.

Bagley told an emotional courtroom that she was sorry for the hurt she caused to the victims, families and the community.

"I will never be able to say enough to address the hurt and mistrust that I've caused them and their parents and I'm truly sorry," said Tara Bagley.

But Judge Crabtree would have the final decision. A decision that he said was partially based off of the victims.

"I have to assess that the harm to the victims is as traumatic and perhaps is life long," said Judge Crabtree.

Bagley was sentenced to four years fixed prison time with thirteen years undeterminant. She will also have to register as a sex offender.

Bagley was also ordered to pay five thousand dollars in restitution to each of the victims.

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