Heavy Storms Pound Southeast Idaho



McCammon, Idaho ( KIDK ) Southeast Idaho has been experiencing some wild weather this weekend.

"This has just been really crazy today, this wind, it seems like it's a tornado coming at us or something," explains Ashley Dammaschke.

She is just one of the locals trying to figure out what's going on with this weekend's bizarre winter weather.

"It looked like a river coming toward our house. We have half of our roads flooded to where you're driving through big puddles, I have seen other people's fields flooded out from the rain and the snow melting out," adds Dammaschke.

National Weather Service representatives say the constant heavy storms coming–off the pacific ocean are hitting southeast Idaho, causing heavy winds, rain, and snowmelt.

These heavy winds are prompting some people to drive a lot slower on the interstates – while some are even staying off the roads altogether.

"We've got really big winds. I saw a mobile home stop so they wouldn't get tipped over," says Bob McEntee.

He and his family are passing through and just like Dammascke, they've never seen the winds this strong here.

McEntee explains, "it was hard to catch your breath outside because the wind wants to pull it away, and my daughter was once in a parachute and it reminded me of that because it's so windy."

"It sounds like thunder in this building. Earlier we had to chase our garbage cans down because they pushed them over and i was like wow man metal garbage cans flying off and over," adds Dammaschke.

"I was shocked that when I opened my door, it almost pulled my door off the car," adds McEntee.

Locals will keep dealing with the wind through tonight...but some of them are just ready for summer.

Dammaschke says, "but the weather, it just needs to go. It needs to go."

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