How Well Are County Inmates Eating On Your Dime


By Andrew Reed

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) If you pay taxes, your money is feeding inmates at county jails.

How well are they eating on your dime?

It's a normal day inside the Jerome County Jail kitchen with inmates hard at work cooking lunch. The portion-controlled menu on this day includes grilled cheese, soup, fruit cocktail, potato salad, and a cookie.

"For breakfast we have pancakes, cereal, and sausage. For lunch, we are having grilled cheese, chicken soup, potato salad, fruit, and a cookie. For dinner we have spaghetti, salad and some bread,” said inmate worker.

A Jerome County inmate worker who asked not to be shown on camera says, he's responsible for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He doesn't get to choose what the inmates eat, the menu is setup by a contracted dietitian.

"The consensus is very positive and it's more food than some other jails. We put a lot of time and effort to make it the best,” said inmate worker.

On average more than 30 inmates are always at the Jerome County Jail.

90-meals are served a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"We have a legal and moral obligation to provide them with healthy food. I would not describe what these gentlemen get in here is over extravagant. It's minimal cost food,” said Lt. Daniel Kennedy, Jerome Sheriff’s Office.

Minimal cost food that a Jerome County inmate worker says has a positive vibe with fellow inmates.

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