ID Lawmaker Wants Some To Carry Guns On Campus



Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) Some people will be able to carry guns on public college campuses if a state lawmaker has his way. The bill would allow retired officers and people with an enhanced carry license to have concealed weapons in most places on school property.

If the bill passes, public college campuses could not restrict two categories of people from carrying weapons.

(R) Sen. Curt McKenzie, District 13 explains, "a lot of us have just a normal concealed carry permit. That would not give you the right to carry on campus. It's only that enhanced carry license that applies to those who are over 21, Idaho residents and have gone through the extensive class."

The other group is retired law enforcement officers, employed for at least 15 years. Some students still have concerns.

"Well, I think we shouldn't have weapons on campus because it would make the campus a lot more dangerous, and I wouldn't feel safe going out at 3 in the morning anymore," adds Katie Kilduff, a BSU student.

But McKenzie says those working on the bill have listened to opponents who came forward when he tried to pass similar legislation in 2011.

"They were worried about firearms in dormitories, so we restricted them from dormitories. They were worried about people drinking at college parties and having firearms. We made a very strict penalty if you do that," adds the senator.

The senator plans to introduce the bill on Monday. It'll be a few weeks before public hearings are held, but he feels better about the bill this time around.

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