Investigators Now Say Husband In Las Vegas Shooting Was Killed By Deputy, Not Wife


By KMVT News

Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) Investigators now say the bullet that killed a man who went on a shooting rampage with his wife in Las Vegas came from a deputy's gun.

Authorities had earlier said Amanda Miller shot and killed her husband inside a Walmart before taking her own life as officers closed in on the couple.

But further investigation -- including analysis of surveillance video inside the store -- revealed Jerad Miller was not shot by his wife.

"The important part of this information that I want you to understand is as we went back and conducted the forensic review, not only of the video, but of the evidence found at the crime scene, as well as the evidence found at the autopsy. We made a determination that she did not shoot him. Now he did suffer a gunshot wound, and we believe the entrance wound was here, which initially would've been consistent with our information that the female had shot the male. In fact, just prior to this video we see where the male was shot by police gunfire. We can tell you today that that gunfire was from a rifle, but I cannot tell you because I do not know which officer fired that fatal shot," says Kevin McMahill, Asst. Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.

Investigators say the couple shot and killed two Las Vegas police officers at a restaurant, before heading to a Walmart where they killed another man.

They barricaded themselves inside the store during a firefight with responding officers until both suspects were dead.

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