Jerome Judicial Confirmation Hearing Set for November 25th


By KMVT News

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

As Jerome Resident Bill Pflueger puts it, "there are too many people that live in this community that can't afford the increase. They live on a fixed income and they're trying to pass this onto the people that can't afford it."

A $48.6 million dollar bond rejected by Jerome residents.
But now, the city is pursuing a $35.8 million dollar bond and a Judicial Confirmation hearing is set for November 25th for approval.

Zoe Monahan, Community Development Director, says, "we understand that people don't always like to pay more but it's important that we pay for our city services, which include our sewer and water facilities."

Some voters who turned down the bond in May are angered, feeling as if they have no say in the matter.

Pflueger notes, "they somehow passed it without having been passed by the voters. I don't know how they can do that."

Still, some with the understanding that the EPA is mandating changes to city facilities, which are costly.

Jerome resident John Ross explains, "we had to have an upgrade on the Sanitation Plant. I just believe that was a more correct figure than what they had initially wanted."

Back in 2010, the EPA issued a compliance order to the city that cited numerous violations.

They asked the city to formulate a plan to avoid future violations.
Monahan says, "the judge will see if the issue and the upgrades that we've identified are deemed ordinary and necessary.”

For the average resident, their sewer base rate has gone up $19.50 a month.

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