Twin Falls County Commissioners Approve Levies


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

Every year– the commissioners set the official levy number.
The process is that once everyone's budgets are done –the assessor has all of the values, and they come up with a levy.
It's a number that's changes every year.

The levies are approved by the Twin Falls County Board of Commissioners.

Says Kristina Glascock, Twin Falls County Clerk, "they will go to the state tax commission for approval and then they will be used to calculate the tax bills that go out from the treasurer's office."
This year, the levies saw a slight increase.

Says Glascock, "to a tax payer with $100,000 of taxable market value it was a little over 9 dollars for someone in Twin Falls just in our budget and of course you have to add all of the other rates into that."
This is because of an increase in the budget and property values.

Says Terry Kramer, Twin Falls County Commissioner, “We're seeing good economic conditions in the valley here so we're seeing slight increases in our values.”

Notable is that several school districts have requested extensions due to emergency levies based on attendance numbers.
Says Kramer, "a lot of times schools don't know what the population of their students will be. A lot of times we'll postpone that for two weeks to let them get settled."

Schools that petitioned for this emergency levy include Kimberly and Twin Falls.

The next step is for people to pay attention to the changes that will come in their tax bills in December.

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