Law Enforcement Using Drones To Crackdown On Crime


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Local law enforcement is using new technology called a drone.

They can be used to track criminals on the loose, lost children or even trapped people in the canyon.
This is a drone, it's used to record video images for law enforcement.

For the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, it works well for what they do.

"With this technology you just video it and we put the video in a computer and take snap shots out of the video” said Sheriff Tom Carter, Twin Falls County.

This is how it works the drone flies overhead in a serious circumstance.

The camera sends a live feed to the command station where law enforcement can review the situation.

"You get a real time perspective of what it sees. If you're looking for a person or marijuana or whatever you're looking for” said Carter.

The Sheriff's Office has two drones they're about $5,000, they primary use them for search and rescues

"We're the only ones locally; I think Canyon County has one. This is for any agency around us in the Magic Valley. Any agency is certainly welcome to use it” said Carter.

Although drones are the latest technology locally. it's a controversial issue. some say it's a right of privacy.

"Our goal is not to abuse anyone's rights. Our goal is to use it to find people and use it for good” said Carter.

It's a device that can save life's and at the same time, crack down on crime.

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