Local Law Enforcement To Attend Aggressive Dog Training


By Brittany Cooper

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Filer Police Department is hosting an aggressive dog training this weekend.

Put on by "Canine Encounters" out of Texas, the course will teach agencies how to prevent dog attacks.

And overall, just gain a better understanding of the animals.

Police encounters with aggressive dogs is a hot topic across the country, including right here at home.

We caught up with a deputy from the Jerome County Sheriff's Office who is planning to attend the training.

A welfare check in Nampa turns into a dog attack on a police officer.

One of the dogs was killed.

These situations are all too real for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

That's where the canine encounters training comes in handy.

Deputies John Wood and Anthony Gratzer will represent Jerome County at the training.

"The basis for the training is to be able to handle aggressive dogs and other aggressive animals better, use more resources that we have to get more comfortable with how to deal with them," Wood explains.

Wood has recently seen an uptick in the number of loose dogs in the county, making for great timing to attend this training.

For Wood, his previous training is fairly basic.

"Not a lot, so this will give us another tool in our tool belt to better deal with the situation that may arise," he points out.

Jerome County does not have an animal control officer.

Patrol deputies must handle dog related incidents.

Utilizing the tools of the trade will be featured on the training agenda.

"About how to deal with dogs using other tools we have, catch poles, pepper spray, things like that," Wood explains.

The all-day training will be Saturday at Filer High School.

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