Local Leaders Speak Out About Political Integrity


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Political scandals across the nation and even locally are leaving some people questioning our politicians. We spoke with several local politicians to get some reaction.

"Well you know whether it's my office or any office. A person always has to be vigilant of right and wrong," said Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter.

That's what Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter expects out of his employees. Other politicians in the county are firm believers that it takes positive leadership from the top all the way down.

"I believe that it all starts with me to begin with. I have to make personal considerations on where my ethics and morals begin as a starting point," said Kimberly Mayor Tracy Armstrong.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Terry Kramer is one of the top elected officials. The commissioners believe in transparency.

"We have a really open type of administration, so all of our business is done in the public eye. We have a meeting everyday at 10:00 where all of our contracts are sign, where all of our agreements are talked about and where all of our issues are aired," said Kramer.

The sheriff's office is there to serve and protect the public.

"My staff and myself, we don't tolerate anything like that and it's never been an issue so I guess it's really easy for me to say," said Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter.

Not an issue but still holding everyone including elected officials to a standard of excellence.

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