Looking At A Healthier Tomorrow For Kimberly, Buhl And Jerome


By Joey Martin

Kimberly, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Three local cities are using expert guidance to improve the overall health of their citizens.

And, it could mean big changes are coming to Kimberly, Buhl and Jerome.

Joey martin for Idaho's First News Explains.

The High–Five Blue Cross of Idaho Transformation Grant is awarded to communities in Idaho that want to fight against childhood obesity.

Locally Kimberly, Buhl and Jerome all applied for the grant... But in the end did not receive it.

Kimberly city administrator Larry Hall explains why all three cities failed to receive the grant.

"They talked about the fact the cities without a plan or cities that had not done a lot in this area of fitness and health education and so on... were not winners of the grant."
Said Larry Hall from the City of Kimberly.

But as a consolation the grant foundation awarded each city an opportunity to receive further money along with the services of a community development contractor to help create a plan for the future.

"A gentleman by the name of Chris Danley who is a independent contractor was hired by the Department of Health and Welfare. They have selected three different communities that had originally applied for this grant to help them to put together a plan."
Said Hall.

By working with Danley the cities will have an opportunity to get a view of their communities through the expert eyes of an impartial viewer.

"The idea is it will help us to put together a plan around things like walkability, bike paths, how to make our streets safer... do some co–existence if you will of bikes and vehicles. Just a lot of different ideas."
Said Hall.

Much like Kimberly... Both Jerome and Buhl are also in the process of creating a plan for the future to improve the overall health of their community.

And with Danley's help, the City of Jerome is looking to improve several areas city–wide.

"He'll be looking at our existing things that we have. So where do people go to be active... and then he'll look at where are they coming from... are they coming from neighborhoods or their office and how are they getting there. So he'll focus on not only how are people getting there but what's the most common route to get there and how can that be improved. But also those facilities that people are using, whether it be our bike trail, the Rec Center or playgrounds... how can those be improved."
Said Zoe Monahan from the City of Jerome.

A plan for the future to create a healthier community tomorrow.

The city of Kimberly is taking an active approach with this situation and would like to know what citizen want in the future.

Over the past few weeks boy scouts have been placing surveys on local doorsteps.

And the city is hoping residents will fill them out.

If you have yet to receive a survey, you can log onto the city of Kimberly’s website and click on the survey link.

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