New Synthetic Drug Concerns Boise Officials


By Paul Johnson

Boise, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - Authorities from the Boise police are concerned about a new Synthetic Drug that’s hitting the streets. It may be responsible for recent overdoses that have hospitalized two teens.
Police say over the weekend two 16 year olds overdosed on a substance believed to be 25C, a chemical closely related to 25i, also known as N-BOME. Both teens were hospitalized Saturday, one going to intensive care after suffering a seizure and reportedly stopped breathing.
"These synthetic drugs are not safe. These chemicals have caused deaths around the nation. We're just beginning to see it here and it's already caused several overdoses including one where the teen nearly died." said Lt. P.D. Burch of the Boise Police Narcotics Unit.
Again, officers want to make people aware these drugs are being sold in the Boise area with claims it is similar to LSD and using the street names above. Officers hope this information helps parents and other responsible individuals share this information to prevent additional overdoses.
The incident involving the two 25i/25C overdoses from this weekend remains under investigation by Boise Police.

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