New Synthetic Drug Has Local Law Enforcement Concerned


By Rachel Holt

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Last weekend, two teens in Boise overdosed on a new synthetic drug.

In the Magic Valley, officers are wary of the impact the new drug may have on the Magic Valley.

"Its street names are commonly known as 25i or the n-bome or smiles," explained Jerome Police Chief Dan Hall.

The appearance of a new drug in Idaho has law enforcement concerned.

Hall is aware of the recent incident in Boise and worries the drug will make its way to the Magic Valley.

"We have not seen this particular drug here in Jerome, and I'm unaware of incidents in the Magic Valley. However, the presence and use of synthetic drugs has become more of a problem in recent years," he said.

Hall says one of the dangers of a synthetic drug is that you don't know exactly what's in it.

"There's no regulations to protect the public when you are dealing with these substances. Often times, you don't know the danger until sometimes they become sick or worse case scenario they can die from ingesting these types of substances," he explained.

Boise police claim the drug is being sold around the area and that dealers claim it is similar to LSD.

"The effect that people have been reported would be hallucinogenic type of effect," Hall said.

With Boise just a short car ride away, the drug could easily make it to our area.

"There are no borders that keep these things out. If it becomes prevalent, there's no way we can guarantee it won't come here," Hall explained.

Now that Chief Hall knows it exists... Officers will be on the lookout for the dangerous substance.

Hall warns that people caught selling the drug will be prosecuted under the law.

He urges people to stay away from the drug and use their best judgment.

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