Newcomers Center in Burley


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Burley, Idaho (KMVT-KTWT)

English is the not the easiest language to learn.
The newcomer center in burley teaches kids, mainly from Mexico, how to speak English.

The program is for student’s kindergarten to third grade.

The program usually see's 20 to 30 kids a year, but Principal Irma

Bushman says the program prepares the kids for their home school in the area.

"The kids are able to have enough survival English, she gives them not only English here but also does an introduction to reading and math so that when they do get in the building there ready to go."

ESL teacher Erica Kirst works closely with other teachers to collaborate in the classroom.

"I can tell them what we need to do what we need to improve on and they come to me for idea's and we can just share our experiences. "

The program is only for a year, than the kids are sent to their perspective school.

Grades 4 through 6th have a similar program.
The next after the program is the pull out program for kind of 4 through 6th grade.

"We have the next step up which is the pull out program, and so these students here will go to some type of pull out program when they hit their home school."

Making new student’s transition a little bit easier.

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